Air Conditioning

Air conditioning provides year-round comfort in homes and businesses around the world, cooling and warming environments to provide optimum working or living temperatures for all.

Within our expansive area of coverage, we pride ourselves on providing quality, comprehensive air conditioning solutions to both commercial and domestic customers. From sourcing equipment and installation, through to setting up regular servicing plans, we can take care of all of your needs to ensure that everything is done properly and to your specifications.

Offering both wall-mounted units and split air systems, you can rely on Kool-Fix to install a high-quality air-conditioning system that will reliably provide results for years to come. In addition, our regular servicing and safety checks will ensure that your system continues to comply with all safety legislation throughout its lifetime.

By sourcing the best aircon equipment from the top manufacturers, working with you to create the perfect, bespoke solution for your home or business, and providing a highly knowledgeable and experienced engineer, all at extremely competitive prices, Kool-Fix provides our customers with an unparalleled service from start to finish.

Why AirCon?

Put simply, why not aircon? We take having a heating system for granted in our modern homes and workplaces…aircon is the next logical step. Why settle for a comfortable environment during one or two seasons when you can have that comfort year-round?

The latest systems use technology that gives you cost-effective solutions in comparison to traditional energy-using systems, helping to reduce the impact that you or your business have on the planet, in fact, some studies have shown modern systems to be up to 500% more efficient than the traditional heating system that preceded it.

In addition to these benefits, certain workspaces have a greater need for stable temperatures as fluctuations can cause irreparable damage, this is a particular risk that should be considered in offices and facilities that are tech-heavy such as server rooms and similar environments.

Get in touch with Kool-Fix today to get your existing air conditioning systems serviced or to discover how a brand new, state of the art air conditioning system can change your life.

Our Experience and Brands

The Kool-Fix portfolio of brands that we service, repair, and install is ever-expanding. We regularly work with Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and Daikin systems to name but a few and we pride ourselves on our breadth of knowledge, which allows us to confidently tackle issues with any air conditioning system.

The hard work and effort that we put into providing our comprehensive services to our customers means that you will be hard pushed to find a better solution elsewhere.

Installation and repair

Making the decision to have an air conditioning system is one that you will wish that you made long ago. As soon as we have completed our swift and comprehensive installation, you will immediately start to reap the benefits of having a perfectly temperature-controlled environment.

And what about repairs? Well, we have got you covered there too, just contact us and it will be our pleasure to provide you with a no-obligation quote to get your aircon up and running again quickly and efficiently.

By working with a multitude of manufacturers and keeping on top of technological, environmental, and legal developments, here at Kool-Fix, we source the best equipment and keep prices very competitive so that you get the best service possible.


In addition to the installation and repair of your aircon system, regular maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure that you continue to get the absolute best from your system. You need a trusted and reliable business to take care of these needs so that you don’t need to worry, Kool-Fix is that business. We will take care of the regular servicing that is a legal requirement to keep you and those around you safe. Not to mention that servicing will keep the system working to optimum efficiency, saving you money. Regular servicing also has the additional benefit of providing an opportunity for any problems to be spotted before you notice the effects of them, meaning that your system stays blip free.

With the wide variety of units that we install and maintain in various settings, our maintenance experience is vast so you can be sure that we can provide the appropriate level or service for your personal or company needs.

Choosing a Kool-Fix maintenance plan will ensure that your air conditioning equipment fully complies with legal requirements and legislations set by the Department of Trade and Industry, the Environment Agency, and the Health and Safety Executive. Your Kool-Fix engineer can be highly flexible with appointment times to fit around your company schedule and limit downtime. We all know how things can get overlooked or forgotten in our busy lives; one of our plans can ensure that your air conditioning maintenance isn’t one of them, we will give you the peace of mind that comes from having that one less thing to worry about.

To find out more about the service plans and maintenance packages we can offer you, don’t hesitate to give us a call now on 07733 972 776